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By Jason Linett

In the past year, small businesses in the United States have hired millions of new employees. Once a business starts to grow, trying to handle all of the new work created by an increase in customers can be difficult. Ignoring the need for new employees can actually...
The famous phrase “mind over matter” has been used for decades to encourage determination and intentional persistence towards goals. In business, the idea of one’s intention being a vital factor in accomplishing success is one that many entrepreneurs and managers can...
Retaining good employees can be a challenge for many businesses, both large and small. A large part of building a foundation of loyal, competent employees for your business lies in creating a positive workplace environment for them. Employees tend to stay with a...
One of the most important ingredients you need to make a small business successful is a team of reliable and hard-working employees. Most business owners invest a lot of time and effort into finding and hiring the top talent in their industries. Once you find great...
If you are an entrepreneur, you may face some periods of doubt. While having a positive business mindset is essential, if your inbox sits empty and your phone doesn’t ring, you may begin to wonder what you are doing wrong. In most cases, this is just a monetary lull;...
A positive testimonial from a happy client or customer is a powerful tool for your brand. Many potential consumers turn to testimonials in this modern digital age to aid in their searches for services, venues, restaurants, products, and any other service and...
It’s natural to assign the blame for your problems to external factors. At a certain point, we have to question how our mindset may be impacting the outcome of events in our lives. More specifically than mindset, the limiting beliefs we possess about ourselves greatly...
American businesses lose billions of dollars each year due to low employee productivity levels. As your business grows, you will have to add more employees to your roster to handle the workload. However, if these employees are not giving it their all, it can cause big...