How To Create A Positive Workplace Environment

By Jason Linett

Retaining good employees can be a challenge for many businesses, both large and small. A large part of building a foundation of loyal, competent employees for your business lies in creating a positive workplace environment for them. Employees tend to stay with a company when they — surprise, surprise — enjoy working there! 


Creating a positive workplace environment is about more than just putting up some motivational posters and buying the employees stale donuts once a week. Here are three important ways to help build up a positive workplace environment for your company.


Check In Regularly With Employees


In a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management, participants were asked to rank the most important factors to them when evaluating job satisfaction. “Communication between employees and senior management” was consistently ranked one of the top five most important factors to employees. 


In fact, 39% of American workers claimed that regular check-ins with management were the primary factor for job satisfaction for them in a survey conducted by Ernest and Young. By stopping by every once in a while to ask employees for their opinions on projects or how they’re doing, you can show your employees that you care and value them, not just as employees, but as people. 


Regular check-ins help to make every employee feel like they’re contributing a significant role to the company and can make work feel more fulfilling and meaningful.


Try To Foster a Strong Workplace Culture


A brand is only as strong as the connotations it carries, and a company is only as strong as the values it’s built on. By developing a strong workplace culture, you help to assure employees what the company’s primary goals are. 


This, in turn, helps workers to see the ways that their work is contributing to the overall aims of the company, rather than as dull and meaningless drudgery. A strong workplace culture helps employees feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, offering greater motivation to believe in the company and work their hardest.


Provide Employees With a Comfortable Environment


Another fantastic way to show employees that they’re valued and that you care about them is by putting in some effort to create a comfortable workplace for them. Your employees spend the bulk of their days helping your company and they’ll appreciate you going out of your way to make their day just a little easier more than you can possibly imagine. 


Even increasing expenses to purchase better equipment can make a dramatic difference in employee satisfaction. It also saves money for the employer in the long run, too. Many jobs usually require long periods of sitting, which can have detrimental effects on employee health, leading to lower efficiency and even missed days. Investing in standing desks or better-quality chairs will not only improve employee loyalty, but also increase efficiency and costs in the long run.


Hopefully, these three tips help you to create a positive workplace environment for your employees. A positive workplace environment can improve overall employee morale, leading to more loyal workers, higher quality work, and more efficient operations. Be kind to your employees, and they’ll be kind to you. To learn more about how I can help you accomplish more at your workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact me today!