...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


I explore why the RIGHT content is essential and how changing your communication methods will improve client quality. I explore the different types of content you can produce and how you can choose the social media platforms most suited to your business. I provide tips on what to consider when creating content and share a roadmap to help you sell your expertise through content. I also share a quick-win strategy to help you close potential leads and the importance of being an educator for your customers.


I share the major mistake I made when launching a new business idea and the lessons I learned from it. I reveal the best strategies for testing a new product or idea and how a co-production event can be an excellent lead-in for other products. I share what you need to consider when reaching out to your audience and the advantages of using an early launch to test your new business idea. I also reveal ways to get feedback in real-time and how you can create a standalone offer to form part of a more significant launch.


I explore why most businesses are online and some of the common mistakes people make in online marketing. I reveal the lessons I learned when helping my hypnosis clients that are applicable to content marketing strategies and the three steps of creating pre-sold clients. I share the number one goal you need to have when creating content and how you can clear objections before a potential client brings them up. I also share why a roadmap of their path to success helps you close sales and why you need to include education in any sales strategy.


I share some of the mistakes I have made when working in sales and what is missing from most sales interactions. I reveal the four questions you should ask to drive sales and get things started in the initial conversation. I explore the power behind asking a prospect, ‘why now?’ and why these four questions help the lead get ready to buy. I also explain why the way you phrase the questions is essential and how the quality of the questions you ask influences the outcomes of the conversation.


Michael shares the inspiration behind his career in magic and how it helped provide validation and build confidence. He reveals how he manages a hectic show schedule and family life and how specificity helps him overcome anxiety. He shares how he changed the outcome of part of his act with a simple change of language and the lessons he has learned from his career in the marketing industry. He also shares why routines are helpful for his mental health and how he grounds himself to combat feeling overwhelmed.

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