...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


Deniero joins me to share his story and the turning point that made him launch the Remote CEO business. He highlights the mistakes and lessons that he learned along the way and the essential elements any company needs when running a remote business. He shares some of his clients’ stories and how he helped them scale their business. He also explains why an easy signup process isn’t always a good thing and what you need to get accustomed to when changing your business to a remote service.


I explore the fascinating concept of using ambiguous words and saying less to say more. I highlight how your words create images in the listeners’ mind and how you can use this to produce specific outcomes. I share the formulas and speech patterns you can use in your business and how powerful ambiguous words can be. I share a list of useful words and explore how you can apply them them work for your business. I also share why using specific labels when talking to prospects can have the opposite effect you are looking for and share a roadmap for effective communication.


I share two linguistic patterns that are effective in influencing decisions. I explore the various techniques that help influence outcomes and why they work. I share examples of how I use these language hacks to help my business and explain what ‘punctual ambiguity’ means and how to use it. I share how these techniques can be applied to online situations and share an overview of the Business Influence Systems program. I also highlight the effectiveness of blending these two systems and other strategies together to achieve better results.


Scott joins me to discuss how his work with patients in his clinic led him to develop the Cyrano.ai platform. He shares what he wants the platform to achieve and why he wants to help at-risk teens with Cyrano.ai. He explains why he chose the name Cyrano.ai. for his software, how it interacts with users, and its mechanisms to help them communicate better. He shares examples of how the platform has helped his clients and how the pandemic has affected his company. He also discusses the importance of pacing and effective listening and shares the pivotal moments that changed his business’s direction.


I share the system I have used to scale my business and 30x my income. I break this system down into four manageable pillars so you can use it to increase your income, improve your lifestyle, and achieve true financial freedom. I discuss how each step works and how you can apply them to your working processes. I share why outsourcing is essential as well as recognizing the things you should do yourself. I highlight why experimentation is a good thing in business and how you can look at your systems to work smarter. I also share why education is vital for any company and how systemization can

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