...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


I explore common limiting beliefs that stand in the way of launching a business and why many people succumb to shiny object syndrome. I share why age is not a determining factor in business success and how framing affects your mindset to achieve your goals. I explore how your experiences shape your offering and why asking the right questions in the correct order can shift your perception. I also reveal what ’epiphany seeding’ is, how you can use it and why being young doesn’t preclude you from having a valid business offering.


I explore how to build a process to connect to your ideal client. I explain how people make buying decisions and why you need to link to the emotions of your audience. I reveal how a message with genuine passion comes across to a potential client and why that emotional connection is essential for inspiring action. I also share how dialogue changes when you genuinely care about what you are saying and how to find the correct stories to connect to your audience.


I explore the concept of using lead magnets to attract clients and how many people use them incorrectly. I share why you need to simplify your offer and solve a specific problem when creating your lead magnets. I share why narrowing your offer brings the right clients through the sales process and how you can establish your expertise to make an effective lead magnet. I also reveal the phrases you can use to create the need for more and what you can do now to start building that ‘snowball effect’ for your hypnosis business.


I share why waiting until the end of the conversation to make your offer can present challenges. I explore how you can layer the sales process into all of your interactions and what you can do to build social proof for the stories you tell. I share strategies you can apply to your sales process to start selling before you sell. I also reveal language hacks you can use for the initial sales call and how you can identify opportunities to layer in the sales journey across all of your communications.


I share how you can ‘thingify’ your offer and what you need to know about your audience when building your offer and creating your sales strategy. I reveal why the title of your offer is so important and the steps you can follow to break down your process to make it easier for people to choose you. I share how you can turn your service into a proprietary system so you stand out from the competition. I also share why people make the buying decision and highlight examples of breaking down an offer into steps to sell more.

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