...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


Henry joins me to discuss how he started his journey into the graphic design and personal and corporate branding business. He shares how he acquired clients in his company’s early stages and how market changes and other external factors changed his business and ultimately helped it grow. He explores why branding is essential for any business and how you can change the quality of your clients to level up your business. He also shares the new and improved brand accelerator program he is running and shares advice to those looking to level up a side hustle to a full-time career.


Today, I discuss my journey from a part-time business to a full-time career. I share the practical strategies I have seen that make the transition easier and how you can change your thinking to overcome any obstacles.


I discuss my top five words and phrases that will help you bypass mental blocks. I share examples of how these words can steer a meeting or prospect in the direction you want and how using actual images changed how someone perceived my words.