Self-Limiting Beliefs And Your Business

By Jason Linett

It’s natural to assign the blame for your problems to external factors. At a certain point, we have to question how our mindset may be impacting the outcome of events in our lives. More specifically than mindset, the limiting beliefs we possess about ourselves greatly impact our achievements.


It’s difficult to avoid some degree of doubtful thoughts. What sets thoughts apart from beliefs are the feelings of certainty. Humans tend to create stories about themselves and what they are capable of achieving. If you have a negative story or belief about yourself, you will look at your failures to prove these beliefs.  Limiting beliefs can make things feel harder than they are. While you may feel a sense of certainty, these limiting beliefs are not fact.


Common Limiting Beliefs

Most people have, at some point, struggled with these limiting beliefs. You may have thought, “I don’t have time” to do the important things. If you believe this, then you will never find the time to follow those dreams. One of the most familiar is “I can’t.” Maybe you can’t achieve your desires because you don’t believe you’re creative or organized. Ultimately, these beliefs can be summed up with “I can’t because I’m not good enough.”


How Beliefs Affect Your Business

The success of your business is dependent upon your beliefs. Just as positive beliefs can allow you to achieve the unimaginable, limiting beliefs can erode the integrity of your business. A person might think, “I can’t because I’m not good enough.” In business, this can translate to perfectionism. Believing that your product or service is not good enough to be sold is a belief that can limit you from even trying. Despite your competence, you might focus on your fear of judgment and avoid stepping out of your comfort zone to market your business.


Changing Your Beliefs

If limiting beliefs are standing in the way of you achieving your goals, then the solution is to change them. The beliefs that limit you must be rewritten into beliefs that empower you. I have spent almost two decades dedicated to helping people to change their thought patterns for the better. As a professional hypnotist, I have honed strategies to permanently rewrite negative beliefs and aid people in achieving the success of which they’ve always dreamed. Contact me via web or 800-850-7082 and let me know how I can help you today.