Tips For Securing Powerful Customer Testimonials

By Jason Linett

A positive testimonial from a happy client or customer is a powerful tool for your brand. Many potential consumers turn to testimonials in this modern digital age to aid in their searches for services, venues, restaurants, products, and any other service and consumer-based companies.


Polls have shown that 91% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to choose a product, business, or service. The reality is that positive reviews and testimonials are most times more effective than your company’s messaging, creating a vital marketing tool when used to your advantage.


Customer service is crucial to receiving positive feedback, but the trick is to prompt customers to provide their company’s testimonials. To help you learn ways to inspire clients and customers to give testimonials, here are a few tips to help you snag those well-deserved endorsements.


Simply Ask

Your customers may not realize the power of their satisfaction with your company. You must let your clients know how much your company values their opinion and what it means for your success that they speak up. It may sound too simple, but with the hectic pace of business, you may not realize that you are not putting in the effort to communicate effectively with your customers. Many times, asking for a review or testimony is all you have to do.


Timing Is Everything

Just as the saying ‘strike while the iron is hot’ implies, the best time to get a positive testimonial from a client is immediately following a successful interaction. Understanding how to follow up with clients after a sale or service is crucial in securing testimonials.


Maybe you wait a few days after the close of a deal to check in with your customers to congratulate them and confirm everything is to their satisfaction, and you also ask them to give their testimonial. Often, clients will include this follow-up in their testimonial of your dedication to customer service.


Make The Process Easy

Make the process of providing a testimonial easy for your customers. People will be more likely to engage in something that does not require an abundance of time or energy, so the more simple the testimonial process, the better the result. Provide direct links to your testimonial page or templates for them to use; whatever you can do to set the tone and make the process enjoyable is vital to your success.


Dedicate Yourself To Success

Being successful takes dedication to success. As you grow your business, you must remember to focus on customer satisfaction and the communication of that satisfaction to your target audiences.


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