The Connection Of Intention And Professional Success

By Jason Linett

The famous phrase “mind over matter” has been used for decades to encourage determination and intentional persistence towards goals. In business, the idea of one’s intention being a vital factor in accomplishing success is one that many entrepreneurs and managers can use in their favor. 


Defining Intention

In the dictionary, the word intention is defined as a determination to act in a particular manner; it is the force behind motivation. We may be at times conscious of our intentions, and at other times they may simply be programmed into our psyche. Either way, our intentions are directly connected to why we make choices, take actions, and essentially all aspects of our interactions with people and the world around us. 


Business Intentions

Have you ever sat down and thought about why you created your business or why you chose the position of management or your current role? Understanding your business intention is a crucial component in successfully reaching your goals. When we build an intentional business, we thrive with a purpose that allows us to feel rewarded and fulfilled. 


The Connection Between Goals And Intentions

Goals and intentions are connected, yet they play different roles in personal and business pursuits. Goals can be measured and have definitive time markers that provide a path to completion. Stepping stones of intention, goals provide the road map for our personal and professional journeys. While goals are set over and over again, intentions last throughout our lifetime. 


Gaining A Clear Business Intention

Having a clear business intention creates an environment for success. Not only will you remain focused, but your team will as well. Some business owners understand exactly what their intentions for their business are; others may have to dig deep and take time to reflect on their ‘why’. 


Tools For Clarifying Your Business Intention

Creating a vision board or journaling can be tools to help you achieve clarity when it comes to determining your business intention. Talking with your team and your peers can also help you zone in on your business intention. You may also find that working with a hypnotic business consulting expert is beneficial to understanding your purpose and learning how to communicate them to your team, clients, and customers. Whatever path you choose to understand your business intention, you will find a renewed sense of commitment and passion for your professional career. 


Mind Over Matter

In business, as in any aspect of life, what we create manifests from our minds. If you feel stuck in your business, clarifying or determining your business intention can get you back on track. Intend to have success, and you will.