Hypnotic Influence Methods for Business Communications

By Jason Linett

How does business get done?


Well, people make deals and accomplish transactions. Companies make products and sell them. Service businesses collect the tools and resources to offer a service to the community.


Yes, but how do sales get made?


When you really get into the psychology of sales, you’re going into what is, for many people, uncharted waters. There’s a lot that we only understand intuitively about the art of succeeding in business. We use words like leads and deals and conversion all the time, but we don’t always think about what they represent to us. Why not? There’s a kind of status quo thinking that most people inherently accept. But it’s limiting. It doesn’t truly represent the true panorama of what’s possible in business. It’s just the default.


Programs for Business Communications


At the office of Jason Linett, we are in the business of breaking down a lot of these conceptual elements of business and making them accessible to our clients. We help people to get beyond the surface and see beneath the veil, to really understand how to improve the deal-making pipeline through practical change and intervention. This type of deep dive has worked for many of our clients, helping them to scale and achieve  at a higher level.


Business Communication Methods


One thing we talk about a lot is the “protocols of ethical influence” and how to apply these to your sales process. You’ll see how doing this changes your sales method in some very concrete and significant ways. You’ll see how adding focus and adding emphasis work in your favor. It’s not just some flash in the pan sales gimmick. It’s a fundamental way that we approach the psychology of sales from an informed standpoint.


We also talk about using hypnotic language patterns. This isn’t the kind of hypnosis you think about when you picture a therapist dangling a watch in front of somebody’s face and counting down from 10. This is more about the basic psychology that we have in the business world and how to navigate that – how to leverage it, and use it to your advantage.


There’s a lot more to learn on the website, but we want to communicate with you. Be sure to check out our podcast for in-depth revelations into the art of what we do, and if you want actionable resources, our case studies are also there for you to look at. Become part of a community of experts that enjoys a firm foundation of knowledge about deal psychology.