...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


I share how I helped a client overcome their fears and how they used it to deal with conflict in their career. I reveal a common mistake people make when looking at conflict and why you need to effectively overcome conflict as a business owner. I share some of the most significant challenges I have ever had to deal with when building my business and why you need to look at your accountability in conflict situations. I also share how you can prevent conflict from occurring in the first place and share some strategies for overcoming conflict that you can use right now.


I explore the art of making the offer and the things that helped me refine my message to deliver it in the right way. I share why the word ‘but’ can negate what you are trying to say and share some alternative phrasing to make your message more effective. I highlight the differences between a soft and hard offer and how you can recognize how to use them at the right time. I highlight a formula for sharing content without giving everything away for free and share some examples of well-structured offers. I also share why providing value and insight for your audience is essential to earn the right to make your offer.


I talk about an event where I presented an overcomplicated explanation of my business offering and the lessons I learned from that experience. I reveal why we need to move away from using ‘expert speak’ and how you can use easy phrases to describe your commodity business. I share how you can educate a prospect in a way that changes their criteria and inspires action. I explore how you can break down your service or product into simple buzzworthy phrases and how I helped a client apply this method to their business. I also share how you can use this system to narrow down your business message and what you need to think about when creating your business narrative.


I reveal the three steps that have to happen to make any marketing activity work and how using the right words in the proper order will increase content engagement. I share how you can move prospects off your social media channels and into your business space and why it’s essential to know how to engage the right emotions in your content. I highlight how you can make sure you are engaging with the right people for your business and how you can future-proof marketing strategies. I also share how you can bond yourself to a prospective client as the key to their solution and how you can refine your marketing messages down to their crucial elements.


I tackle the question that many business owners have about putting their prices on their websites. I reveal the challenges of website pricing and how these depend on the stage you are at in your business. I share some strategic goals in the startup business phase and how you can maximize sales inquiries. I highlight why sales and pricing systems will change as the offering and your company evolve and what you need to consider when moving into the scale-up business phase. I also share what you can expect when you change your strategies to get more effective sales leads and identify where you are in your business to get maximum sales opportunities.