...your business can change people's lives, but you don't yet have the right words...
By Jason Linett


I explore the power of the proprietary process and how having a straightforward and easy-to- communicate offer will transform your message. I reveal the proprietary process formula and how it helps you ‘product pace; someone into the experience you offer. I share the story that inspired today’s episode as well as tips on building your powerful proprietary process. I also share the goals of the proprietary process formula and how the process helps you create a roadmap for business success.


Damon joins me to share the inspiration behind starting his SEO agency and how he can identify what businesses need to create SEO success. He reveals how he turned his side hustle into a successful business and what he focused on to scale the company. He shares what prompted him to leave his job and set out on his own. We discuss some of the common mistakes he sees people make when approaching SEO. Damon also shares strategies you can use to focus on improving your online visibility and why he decided to change his personal social media strategy.


I break down the principles of the law of attraction and what it takes to make things happen. I reveal how to take ownership of your success and influence others’ thoughts, feelings, and actions to create change. I explore why the stories you tell yourself have such a significant influence and how you can look for the opportunity in any situation. I also share why changing your mindset can attract clients and how taking ownership of your thoughts and actions will influence your business.


I explore common limiting beliefs that stand in the way of launching a business and why many people succumb to shiny object syndrome. I share why age is not a determining factor in business success and how framing affects your mindset to achieve your goals. I explore how your experiences shape your offering and why asking the right questions in the correct order can shift your perception. I also reveal what ’epiphany seeding’ is, how you can use it and why being young doesn’t preclude you from having a valid business offering.


I explore how to build a process to connect to your ideal client. I explain how people make buying decisions and why you need to link to the emotions of your audience. I reveal how a message with genuine passion comes across to a potential client and why that emotional connection is essential for inspiring action. I also share how dialogue changes when you genuinely care about what you are saying and how to find the correct stories to connect to your audience.