A New Way to Work Smart

By Jason Linett


This post is a reprint of the opening paragraph to my book, Work Smart Business: Lessons Learned from HYPNOTIZING 250,000 People and Building a MILLION Dollar Brand.

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You and I are about to begin a fascinating journey.

Our origin stories may be similar. Struck by a jolt of entrepreneurial energy, we were compelled to forge our own path and inspired to start our own business. We both have a burning desire to design our own lives. We’ve likely read the same books and studied the same marketing gurus.

The quest we’re about to take together is going to be different.

From start-up to scale up, I’m going to share my story and give you the easy-to-implement principles of how I’ve done it. My goal is for you to harness these strategies to create your own incredible outcomes.

I was once the employee living paycheck to paycheck. I spent years climbing the career ladder waiting to be offered my perceived “dream job,” and I walked away as soon as the opportunity appeared. I gave up the steady income and guaranteed benefits.

I launched a local business which quickly filled with thousands of individual clients. I routinely raised my rates to balance supply and demand, yet still had to create a waiting list for new customers. I paid off student loans and credit card debt while buying a home for my growing family. I’ve stood on stages in front of thousands of people sharing an inspiring message. I more than tripled my business from a single six-figure to multiple six-figure incomes. I harnessed the reins of modern technology to reach a global audience and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of products online.

My story reads like the entrepreneurial dream for someone just starting out. You, like me, probably read similar books and stories of people escaping the nine-to-five lifestyle to go off and do big things.

So why another business book? My story is different. It’s not just different because of how and why I’ve done it. It’s different because of what I do.

I’m a hypnotist.

Through influential language patterns and positive motivational strategies, I’ve helped thousands of clients release bad habits and negative emotional states and to take control of their own lives. Some people would tell you it takes thirty days to make a massive personal change. My clients will tell you otherwise. They’ve released the enslaving bonds of nicotine and tobacco to rapidly quit smoking. They’ve closed their eyes on a fear to then reopen them into a world of strength. They’ve learned the methods to communicate with their unconscious minds to motivate their own success.

The process isn’t magic, yet it can be magical. It’s a set of skills that anyone with passion and dedication can learn.

These methods are widely used in hospitals, by professional athletes, and by top business people around the world.

I’ve used the principles of rapport and modeling to track what successful business people do differently so I could generate my own success. I ravenously studied it so I could share the methods with others. I’ve taken this hypnotic way of thinking into the corporate world. The same principles that can help someone instantly let go of a limiting belief are the same methods to consistently scale up a business.

Why “Work Smart?” It’s just two words and just two syllables that form an incredible command statement. It’s short and to the point. It’s intentional. We’ll forgive the fact it’s grammatically incorrect. Apple told their communities to “

Think Different,” when any decent proofreader would tell you it should be “think differently.” They changed the world.

I want you to WORK SMART to change your business and your life now.

Will this book hypnotize you to become more successful? The better question is what misconceptions, fears, or doubts are you ready to let go of? What ineffective strategies are you ready to stop using?

My goal isn’t just to hypnotize you to become a success. My goal is for you to become even more empowered as you de-hypnotize the stuff that’s been holding you back.

We’re going to work with intention. We’re going to put motivation and meaning behind what you do. You’re going to make it your own. You’re going to work smart.

This book is going to give you a road map to success.

This adventure is just beginning.

Jason Linett