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School events overflowing with students…

Laughing, Applauding, and Participating!

Jason Linett’s program has been “school-tested” in more than a thousand programs presented to more than 400 schools nationwide. Most schools build strong traditions as he returns to the same schools year-after-year.

The clean-comedy hypnosis show is designed for school audiences with an emphasis on good, clean fun and full audience participation.

Jason’s solid track record of success has made his school-appropriate program a popular choice for high schools nationwide.

Check out these program options:

MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE (45-90 minutes)

Jason Linett’s assembly program is a motivational presentation which inspires students with themes of character building, positive discipline, and setting & achieving goals. The program includes interactive demonstrations of the mind with student (and often faculty!) participation.


This presentation is 100% entertainment, though it’s the perfect fit for student celebrations design for safety. Schools around the country host “lock-in” events such as “After Proms” and “All Night Grad Parties,” community events designed to create a safe, sober environment as the students laugh and enjoy. These programs have a proven track record of reducing underage drinking, drunk driving, and illegal drug use. The perfect addition to your next event, Jason’s program has also been found to increase student attendance at these events.


Create an incredible community event as you raise the money for student programs such as Prom, senior class gifts, Band Boosters, sports teams, or any other student organization. Jason’s “Fundraising Hypnotist” program comes complete with posters, templates for printing tickets, and digital marketing pieces to let your event go viral on social media. Many schools have raised thousands of dollars in one night’s event… without having to waste time with car washes or selling products no one really wants! Create traditions in your community as students, parents, and faculty laugh, applaud, and celebrate together in a school-tested program.

Bring Jason to your school now! Call (703) 360-0534 to check program availability in your area.