Business Speaking - Jason Linett

Business Speaking

Hypnotic Influence for Business (20 to 75 minutes)

Imagine the difference in your business when your team empowers the secrets of hypnotic communication…

Have you ever felt a “block” when communicating the value of your products, services or ideas? Is there something in the way from inspiring people to take action with your business?

Discover the trade secrets pioneered by hypnotists to empower positive persuasion and ethical influence.

Change your words, and you can change your mind.

Rather than “hypnotize” you to become more successful, Jason Linett will open your mind to his Hypnotic Language Hacks for business.

As an award-winning hypnotist, Jason shares the exact steps for leveraging hypnotic influence with integrity to generate a mutually beneficial outcome for all. This is the same approach he’s used to build his million-dollar business and help thousands of people achieve greater personal success and financial freedom.


Subconscious Business Secrets (20 to 75 minutes)

Give your team three subconscious strategies to turn goals into verifiable results with Jason’s keynote presentation. 

What is the deciding factor between those who achieve outstanding results and those who only dream big?

Success isn’t just about having the right advice, the best talents, or the right education. Success is about taking action. You can set goals, or you can reach them … and SURPASS them!

This presentation, filled with entertainment and insight, paves the way to understanding and REALIZING the power of your subconscious talents.

Success isn’t just about motivating. It’s about STAYING MOTIVATED taking ACTION.

Can one presentation really make your team more productive, more influential, and more successful in the coming years? The answer is YES!

Jason Linett helps organizations unlock their subconscious talents with a presentation that is inspiring, interactive, and shares actionable strategies your team can put to use right away.

Discover how this incredibly entertaining keynote will help your organization can empower proven mental strategies that create solid results.

This isn’t just about “TELL,” as many speakers only lecture and give advice. Jason Linett’s program will SHOW your team the unbelievable power of the mind when it’s focused on achieving goals.

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“Your tremendous talents set off our event with the perfect spin to transition into the historical evening that it was.”

– John F. Sommer, Jr.
President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball

“Both participants and attendees were skeptical at first, then surprised and delighted by the show. Jason is top-notch!”

– Mark McCourt
Publisher, SDM Magazine – BNP Media

“Jason – you were AWESOME! Thanks so much for working with us this weekend. The guests loved you. I appreciate the customization. That really made it special.”

– Sandy Pagnotti
Vice President, P.W. Feats