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Jason Linett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and the Founder of Virginia Hypnosis, and an Award-Winning Instructor of Hypnosis and NLP. He’s certified through several major organizations, and now travels the world speaking at major hypnosis conventions. Jason also hosts the popular Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast.

In this interview, Jason shares his personal Mind Flipping stories, how he balances strategic planning, risk and having fun and how he leverages his time to make his business sucessful. He also discusses the Evolutionary Mindset- adapting tools to work for you- and why Supercompensation is his favorite word.

Show Notes

2:14 Jason’s personal Mind Flipping career story

4:55 How Jason Mind Flipped for better health

5:27 Prestige Suggestion

7:59 Future Pacing and how Jason came to hypnosis

8:29 The story Jason keeps coming back to

10:42 The important balance of strategic planning, risk taking, and having fun

12:39 The “Hey! Watch This!” Strategy

14:08 Leveraging time and success

15:23 Residual Trance Effects story and The Pivot

17:03 How Jason used Mind Flipping to change his habits around eating and exercise and how his clients helped him

18:21 “Rather being less than the problem, I want to create more of the solution”

19:12 Client story about Mind Flipping a business- focusing your intent on solutions instead of problems

20:06 Modeling excellence client weight loss story

21:19 How Rick used Jason’s spark to stop a bad habit

22:19 How Jim Wand convinced Jason that hypnosis is truly effective

23:19 Word of the day: Supercompensation and it’s meaning

24:49 The common belief in his field with which Jason disagrees

25:27 The Home Depot Metaphor

26:22 The Evolutionary Mindset

27:25 What’s love got to do with it? (Book: So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport)

28:31 F’arounditis

30:14 What Scares Jason

32:17 Jason’s first project was a failure

33:47 The email subject line that has a 100% success rate

37:07 The importance of letting the client lead the process

37:21 The quit smoking story and the weight loss story

39:52 Jason receives a Major Award: The Golden Guinea Pig

41:21 Jason asks listeners: challenge what’s working for you

Find more information on Jason by visiting The Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast.

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Rick Paddock